Yacht Marketing

Sell Faster, For More Money, Get More Listings

1. SELL FASTER – It’s a fact, yachts that are listed with Aerial Videos and professional HDR Photos sell faster than yachts that don’t

The reason is simple—higher quality photos generate more interest from prospective buyers. It really is that simple.

Prospective yacht buyers have much more power today because of their ability to view yachts at their leisure on the internet.


So which yachts are going to generate the most interest? The answer is simple—

the yachts listed with the best pictures. 

2. SELL FOR MORE MONEY – Additionally, yachts that are listed with Aerial photos and professional HDR Photos result in a higher selling price of 5.25% on average.

Again, the reason is obvious—the perceived value of a yacht with Aerial Videos and Professional HDR photos is much higher to prospective yacht buyers.

Think about it— between two yachts of equivalent value, which one will a prospective buyer want to see? They’ll want to see the one that they think is better—and that will be the one that appears to be nicer based on the pictures in the listing.

2. SELL FOR MORE MONEY - There are only so many yachts that are going to be sol. And you have a lot of competition from every Yacht Broker in the country for those listings. So how can you give yourself the edge?

What can you offer yacht owners to convince them to list their yacht with you instead of another Yacht Broker?

ANSWER—Aerial Photography and Professional HDR Photos!

Between 2 Yacht Brokers, one who lists every yacht with Aerial Videos and Professional HDR Photos, and one who does not, a yacht owner is not going to pick the one who uses standard photos. (Or worse, the Yacht Broker who simply uses their cellphone to take pictures of their yacht!)

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